Install The CodMonter App & Theme

Learn how to connect CodMonster with Google Sheet. 

Step 1 : 

  •  Go to Orders > Orders Channel
  • Click on Connect.  
  • Create a sheet on your drive and name it as you wish (ex: Testing Sheet ) after that add in down below 2 pages to your sheet one for ‘Valid Orders’ (Customers who complete successfully  the order form) and the other one for ‘Abandoned Orders’ (Customers who left the page without completing the order form). 
  • Choose your google account.
  • Once you chose your google account the first time, you have to make sure you selected all the 4 permissions otherwise we will not be able to have access on your google sheet and edit on it or send any order.

Step 2 :

Once your google account is connected and the google sheet is created 

You have to :

  • Choose The Spreadsheet you want to use (Testing Sheet).
  • Choose The WorkSheet for orders (Valid Orders).
  • Choose The WorkSheet for abandoned orders (Abandoned Orders).
  • Choose The Column Order in which you can customize your orders sheet as you like by adding information about the customers , the products etc … You can also change the placement of the information that will appear in your google sheet.
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